Ways to show your car love this Valentines Day
Posted on February 12, 2019 17:12:38 PM

Ways to show your car love this Valentines Day

Love your car

February is known as the love month, with valentine’s day as its main highlight its all about showing your significant other some love. For some people though, especially for men their significant others are their own cars, below are some things you can do to show your car some love that it deserves.

1. Full Body Car Wash and Wax Detailing/Interior Detailing

Having a car wash and wax detailing are good ways to keep the quality of your paint job at its best. Especially with our road conditions here in Metro Manila, unpredictable weather, dust and mud from all the roadwork’s and not to mention the tiny scratches from the daily commute. Don’t forget the interior! Considered one of the dirtiest places we are exposed to daily. Its always important to get a thorough vacuum for the floor area of the interior, to remove dirt like, crumbs, small stones, etc. You should also have your interior surfaces cleaned and wiped properly to remove stains. It goes without saying, you should always go to a trusted shop to have these services done properly.

2. Have a thorough maintenance check done

One thing car owners take for granted is the condition of the vehicle they are driving. It may be tedious taking time out of our daily grinds to bring our vehicles to the dealership or trusted service shops, but it’s important to make sure our vehicles are road worthy and at tip top shape. Take your vehicle to the dealership or your trusted mechanic. Have them check that all fluids are at proper levels and are still in good condition they may be in need of replacement or top-up (Oil, Coolant, Transmission fluid, Brake Fluid), Also have all important parts checked if they need to be replaced or repaired (Air-conditioning System, Brake System, Electrical Wires, Tires, Battery). These things are important to ensure a smooth operation of the vehicle, to avoid breakdowns and are also essential in keeping you safe on your daily commute.

3. Improve its looks

Another way you can show love for your car is by upgrading its looks. If you’ve got the money, you could change your rims as well as adding a few accessories like spoilers, sticker decals and others. It could also be as simple as having a wash-over paint job done to give it that brand new look again.

4. Give it a boost with Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

Try Using Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment on your next engine oil change! Formulated to give your car improved acceleration, increased fuel economy, and prolong engine life through reduced noise and vibrations. Valentines may be over but its never to late to show some love, these things can go a long way with keeping your car at the best condition while also boosting its appeal.

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  1. nestor matibag


    saan po
    nakakabili niyan
    sa batangas. ilan ng auto supply napapagtanungan ko wala
    naman po stock

  2. Nelson Gonzales


    I have been trying to locate a pertua dealer. Can you please recomend one nearby.
    I am from Caloocan near monumento

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