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Auto transmission vehicles are so popular these days because driving an automatic vehicle or a vehicle with CVT gearbox is more direct and easy than driving a manual vehicle. The automatic transmission is a type of motor vehicle gear transmission that automatically changes the gear ratios as the vehicle gains acceleration. However, if not done right, it can cause some serious damage to your vehicle, so here are some basic tips when driving an Automatic car.

  1. Get yourself comfortable with 2 pedals – If you’re accustomed driving a manual car you must familiarize yourself with the brake pedal and gas pedal (also called an accelerator), the clutch pedal that you are used to in manual cars are gone. The clutch is no longer needed because gears are being changed by the car and not by you manually.
  2. Never coast down a hill while in neutral – This takes some control away from you,
    modern automatic transmissions already cut fuel to the engine on their own while you are in gear and going down, so putting your car in neutral won’t save you any fuel.
  3. Park your car in “P” Mode – This helps to prevent your car from rolling backwards or forward if in case the hand brakes become inefficient. But make sure you’re already in complete stop before shifting gear.
  4. Don’t launch your vehicle – Don’t rev your car’s engine in neutral and drop into drive to launch yourself forward, not only will it damage the automatic gearbox but also replacing it can be very expensive. The right way to do it, is that you put the gearbox in drive mode and simply drive.
  5. Putting your car in neutral at a stop light – There is no reason to put the gearbox in neutral while waiting at a signal it won’t save you any fuel plus It will only add up to the stress on the gearbox.

The tips mentioned above are some of the basic rules of handling an automatic transmission vehicle to make your drive smooth and comfortable. Some of these might seem like a no-brainer for someone who knows how an automatic transmission works, but not everyone that drives a car knows what kind of damage you can do with seemingly harmless habits.

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