Pertua Apex PCO for Gasoline Engines

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SAE 15W-50

An Advanced Formulation Gasoline Engine Oil with unparalleled anti-friction protection that prevents metal to metal contact even under extreme engine operating conditions and high speeds.

  • Provides additional Horsepower and Torque
  • Restores engine efficiency
  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness in all service conditions
  • Protects the engine from cold start-up
  • Nullifies metal-to-metal contact inside the Engine
  • Safe and suitable for all types of Gasoline Engines

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8 reviews for Pertua Apex PCO for Gasoline Engines

  1. shellane

    Do I still need to add POMT with this oil?

    • pertua admin

      Yes because APEX PCO is not Bleded with the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

  2. conrad

    yung sa akin 3cylinders toyota wigo APEX PCO gamit ko paano ang paano ang ratio ng mix PMOT kase 3liters lang oil ng wigo?

    • pertua admin

      8% or 1can in evry 4L of your oil.

  3. glenn landicho

    pwede po ba ang apex sa 4k engine gasoline

    • pertua admin

      yes po

  4. Enan

    Sir ilang ml ng pmot sa mirage g4 3 cylinder.tnx pertua

    • Pertua Admin001

      One can sir Enan but check you oil level.

  5. Harold

    Difference po ng PCO at Endurance?

    • Pertua Admin001

      Pertua Apex Endurance is a convenient product already pre-blended with the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

      Pertua Apex PCO has different additives and costs less. It is, however, suggested to add Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment to Pertua Apex PCO and to any other oil brand and the type for that matter.

  6. Andrei

    May sobra po ako ng apex 15w-50, pwede po ba ito sa mio ko 15w-40. Or need tlaga nung pertua for motorcycle

    • Pertua Admin001

      Hi Andrei , Not Recommended Apex is for 4 wheels only.

  7. Wendell Rubi

    Pwede po ba sya sa Honda Odyssey 1995 150km na ang mileage? ano po mas recommend nyo ? 5W30 po ang recommend sa manual thanks po

    • Pertua Admin001

      Hi Wendell you may check again theres a range in your manual…

      Our oil is the middle range of the viscosity grade in recommended manual.

  8. Don

    Question po pertua Apex is an additives tama po ba? Ilang can sa 3.5L oil?

    • Pertua Admin001

      Hi Don Apex is not an additives.

      Apex Endurance is a premium gasoline engine oil that has been specially formulated to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption and oil change frequency. It is also already pre-blended with the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment so no need to add more.

      Apex offers the following:

      • Safe and suitable for all types of gasoline engines
      • Revitalizes the engine and keeps it running like new
      • Excellent protection even at extreme heat, load and speed conditions
      • Dramatically reduces engine wear caused by metal to metal contact
      • Increases engine power but uses less fuel to do so
      • Change oil interval of UP TO 20,000km

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