5 Tips to keep your engine in good condition
Posted on February 28, 2019 16:47:12 PM

 5 Tips to keep your engine in good condition

A vehicle is made up of different parts and components that make it what it is, but there is not more important component than the engine. This is what literally powers the vehicle and is the most used and abused part thus, it is in every owner’s best interest to keep it in a good working condition to avoid unnecessary wear on parts and worse of all a breakdown on the road.

Here are 5 things to check and do in to keep you on the road and not on the side of it:

1. Always check your fluids

Your engine relies on these fluids in order to run properly: Coolant and Engine Oil, these 2 fluids are the bloodline of your engine. Running with little to no coolant could mean your engine can overheat and worse blow a hole through the radiator, always make sure your coolant tank and reservoir are filled to the prescribed levels. While running with low oil levels could be catastrophic for your engine because this is what keeps the internal combustion parts from grinding and fusing with one another, make sure your oil levels are on point to avoid serious engine damage.

2. Know your vehicle’s inside and out

Whenever you purchase a vehicle it automatically comes with the manufacturers vehicle manual. In this manual is everything you need to know about your vehicle from how to operate the stereo system to what specific tires you need to use. So its important that as an owner, to know this owners manual and treat it as your guide when you have questions about your vehicle.

3. Remember your engine oil change schedule

Keeping track of your vehicles oil change schedule is important because over time and usage oil loses quality and may end up causing more harm than good to your internal combustion process and engine. The prescribed interval between oil change is usually between 5,000-10,000 Kilometers, this depends on the type of oil you use Mineral, Semi-Synthetic or Fully Synthetic with the latter being the most long lasting of the 3.

4. Have your filters checked

Your engine operates with various filters such as the Oil, Air, and Fuel filters. These filters serve the purpose of making sure that no unwanted debris from getting into various engine parts and fluids that could contaminate and cause damage.

5. Use quality prescribed fuel

Every vehicle’s engine is prescribed a fuel octane rating that it has to meet in order to operate properly. Of course ignoring this could lead to engine knocking caused by sub- optimal fuel burning or engine damage.

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    My car is due for oil change. I wll be using Pertua Apex Engine oil, do i still need to use Pertua Metal & Oil treatment?
    How many kilometers run do u recommend before oil change?

    • Pertua Admin001


      Apex is already blended no need to add Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

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      Hi, Dennis! Thank you for your interest in dealership.

      Please provide the following for Sales to contact you. Only Sales can discuss further details with you, such as volume and pricing.

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