Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment an additive?

Although it’s applied the same way as you pour an additive, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is not an additive. It is its own class, incomparable to other additives which goal is just enhance the oil. Pertua is a unique oil and metal treatment that treats both metal and oil. It can be applied to automotive or industrial oil to prolong the physical and chemical stability of the oil and heavily guard the metal from wear and oxidation. Pertua Oil and Metal treatment does not destroy the composition of the oil unlike the other additives in the market, it only makes them perform better and last longer. It only uses the engine or industrial oil as a conduit to reach the internal parts of the engine that needs to protected and lubricated.

2. What is DuraSyn Technology?

The US patented DuraSyn technology is a result of years of research and experience. It was born out of three disciplines: Mechanical engineering, Lubrication engineering and Metallurgy. All three were mastered by its inventor, Engr. John Simon. DuraSyn was patented in 90’s in United States and in the Philippines. Being so, DuraSyn claims are all true and cannot be copied by others.

The DuraSyn Technology has two actions, the anti-friction action and the anti-oxidant action. The anti-friction prevents the abrasive metal to metal contact of the parts at the inter-metallic junction level by polarizing the interfacing metal parts, making them repel each other. Thus, friction is nullified. With no friction, one can expect direly less heat from the engine which entails into lesser chances of overheat. But more importantly, the anti-friction action makes the engine perform at its peak, restoring engine efficiency, therefore, giving better gas mileage, more power and the ultimate machine parts protection that cannot be matched by other brands. This is especially useful as a preventive from the damaging cold start ups during the morning, during the sequence the oil has not circulated the engine yet.

On the other hand, the anti-oxidant action inhibits the chemical oxidation of oil and metal parts. It expels oxygen to prevent the oil from turning into sludge and metal parts to corrode. As tests and testimonials describe it, DuraSyn gives the conduit oil a bonus service life of up to 3 to 4 times longer and keeps metal parts in pristine condition.

3. How do you apply Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment to your engine/machinery?

Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment (POMT) is simply added to any automotive or industrial oils. The amount of POMT needed is as follows during a change oil;

  1. Engine Oils – 8%
  2. Manual Transmission Oils – N/A
  3. Automatic Transmission Oils – N/A
  4. Motorcycle Oils – 4%
  5. Hydraulic Oils – 8%

As such, one can of 320 ml Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is good for 4 liters of conduit Engine or Industrial oil, it being 8%.

It is best to use Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment upon change oil to fully feel the benefits of its DuraSyn Technology. Always remember to maintain your oil level within the minimum and maximum mark.

4. Do you need to add Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment to the Pertua Synthetic Performance Engine and Industrial Oils?

No. Pertua Synthetic Performance Engine and Industrial Oils are already fortified with the DuraSyn Technology. All you have to do is directly pour them inside your engine. Adding Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment entails into sunk cost.

5. Why should I consider using Pertua’s line of engine and machine oil products?

Pertua line of engine and machine oil products provides synthetic performance oil to the end user. At affordable pricing, using our products can keep your engine run like new, provide you with fuel savings, increased power, superior protection, better emissions and an oil service life of up to 20,000 Kilometres surpassing the expensive Full Synthetic Oil Brands. Pertua has set the new performance paradigm in lubrication technology thus being able to offer the best product within wallet’s reach.

6. How often should I change the oil if I’m using Pertua Products?

 Whether using Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment or Pertua Synthetic Performance Oils, the oil change interval can be as short as 10,000 kilometres or stretch it as long as 20,000 kilometres. Though an owner’s manual is still commendable, one can still have full confidence on going long until oil near degradation. In our tests and testimonials, degradation happens even after 20,000km.

7. If I go longer oil change intervals, do I need to change my oil filter frequently?

Change your oil filter when you change your engine oil. Special filters or more frequent oil filter changes are not required. However, some cheaper and low-quality filters may not be capable of protecting your engine throughout an extended oil change interval. Therefore, you may need to change it at every 10,000 kilometres of usage.

8. Does the oil have to be topped up? What happens if the oil level goes down?

It may be several things. First, is the mechanical condition of the engine. Older and Worn down engines may need to be overhauled already. Secondly, oil consumption is mostly affected by the viscosity of the oil used, the volatility of the base oil, the degree of filling and the manner of driving. Usually, thin oil is consumed faster than thicker oil. Thin oil passes through the clearances to the combustion chamber more easily and also to outside of the engine through any leaking seals. A small amount of oil that passes through the clearances to the combustion chambers consistently burn (an engine in good condition consumes an average of 0.35L of oil every 1,000 kilometres).

The manner of driving provides the greatest cause of engine oil consumption of a normal engine in good condition. Oil consumption is increased most by prolonged use of the accelerator pedal with recurrent engine braking. As such, the oil heats up and becomes thinners as a result of which the vacuum from the engine braking draws a lot of it into the combustion chamber through the clearances. Accordingly, it is natural that an engine consumes a small amount of oil, which can be offset by top-ups between oil changes. Do note that excessive need for top-ups can be an indication of mechanical problems (leaks, etc).

9. What is the application of Pertua Products?

PERTUA OIL AND METAL TREATMENT<>/font Can be added to any automotive and industrial oils
PERTUA APEX Designed for gasoline engines
PERTUA EXELLO Designed for diesel engines
PERTUA POWERTEC Designed for motorcycles
PERTUA KAGZ Designed for manual transmissions and differentials
PERTUA HYDEX Designed for hydraulic systems
PERTUA SF-10 Designed for both gasoline and diesel engines

10. Do I need to flush my engine before switching to Pertua?

You do not need to flush your engine prior to changing to Pertua. One of Pertua’s extra features is its high detergency.

11. Pertua’s tests and testimonials include running without oil, do I mimic that?

We do not recommend to do as such. These tests just showcases to things:

  1. Just in case you do get an accidental oil leak, there is a high possibility that you can still bring your vehicle to the mechanic. Our claim is that you can run your engine UP TO 1,000 km without oil.
  2. It just shows the superiority in protection that our products offer. If the product is able to protect the engine without oil, imagine the protection that it gives in the presence of oil.
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