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The Racers life: Insights from Dustin Esguerra and Adrian Lampano

The Racers Life: Insights from Dustin Esguerra and Adrian Lampano A racer is regarded with the same awe and envy as an astronaut or fighter pilot, these people take extreme man made machines to their limits in pursuit of glory while inspiring countless people in the process. The racers life is not all glitz and

Pertua is looking for a Public Relations Specialist!

Requirements: With a Bachelor’s Degree Art/Design/Creative Multimedia/Advertising/Media, Business Management, Marketing, Mass Communications, Journalism At least 1 year of working experience in this related for this field Effective communicator both spoken and written especially in the English language Extroverted, agile, highly creative, persistent and research-oriented Highly motivated and can work with minimal supervision With a great

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