Why should you consider buying a Scooter
Posted on July 17, 2020 08:25:33 AM

In 2018, the total volume of motorcycles and scooters sold in the Philippines was almost 1.6 million units. The sales volume of these types of motor vehicles in the country has increased over the last six years and leading in terms of sales is the scooter segment at 577,722 units this translates to a 48% sales growth from 2017. So why consider buying a Scooter?

• Low Maintenance – Scooters have been very simple machines that anyone with basic tools could fix. Most of them are simple 2 or 4 stroke engines that need really basic care just add gas and go is what these bikes are about.

• Easy Maneuvering – Scooters in general are not as powerful as motorbikes, which is great if you’re a first-time buyer. Too much power can make handling tricky and if you’re not an experienced rider, it can be easy to lose control.

• Better Storage – Most scooters have nice cushy saddles that open up to reveal a big under seat storage space that’ll easily hold a backpack or your helmet and jacket. Drop the seat and it’s locked.

• Fuel Efficiency – Scooters are extremely fuel efficient, meaning you won’t have to refuel every time you go for a ride. Depending on whether equipped with a 2 or 4 stroke engine most scooters will get between 80 and 110 mpg.

• City Riding – Scooters are relatively comfortable machines when riding in the city, especially when compared to motorcycles. The riding position of a motor scooter is upright and foot support is provided by spacious floor panels. You can maneuver riding in between stationary traffic quickly bringing you to your destination no matter how busy the streets are.

• Pogi Points – There is no need to worry about losing any of your style with Scooter with a wide range of Scooter style and colors to choose from there will be one that will perfectly suit you.

Bonus tip : Choose an engine oil that is specifically formulated for Scooter Engine. Powertec Matic is a premium multigrade scooter oil designed to provide excellent wear protection and maximum engine performance under extreme road conditions.

Available online at www.pertuamart.com (Metro Manila only)

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