Tips to make your brand new vehicle last
Posted on August 14, 2018 09:10:59 AM

 Tips to make your brand new vehicle last

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One of the biggest investment any individual can make is the purchase of a vehicle, it takes a lot of their saved up money not just to buy the vehicle but to also maintain and keep it road worthy. Owners should also keep in mind that ensuring your vehicles longevity goes a long way in keeping its value up when the time comes to sell it on the 2 nd hand market.

Here are some tips on how to make your car last:

1. Get to know your car better by reading the manual

Reading the vehicles manual is something most first time owners don’t generally do, they take for granted that its there and only bring it out during emergency situations. While that may be correct, its always better practice as an owner to read your owners manual to know how to properly maintain your vehicle. Especially with todays modern cars where manufacturers keep adding new safety and technological features that may confuse owners.

2. Do a proper break-in

Modern vehicles don’t necessarily need the “old-school” break-in treatment, but that doesn’t mean once the dealer hands you the keys you should drive it like you stole it. All new vehicles still do require some form of a proper break in, try not to over-rev your engine or do sudden braking, as the vehicles parts are still new and need to be worn and used properly. Take it easy the first few hundred miles, a proper break-in could also be needed in your case as an owner, get to know your vehicles capabilities. Modern cars may be made with incredibly high quality standards but at the end of the day if abused they wont last as long.

3. Interior and Exterior TLC

Properly maintaining your vehicle also means keeping the exterior and interior presentable and in good quality. We live in a country where driving conditions aren’t the best for a vehicles paint job or interior, your car has to deal with Wet muddy roads, dusty construction sites, intense heat and torrential rains just to name a few. It doesn’t mean though that you must have it detailed or car washed everyday, but take the time out once a month to get a good cleaning and detailing service done.

4. If something’s broken, fix it!

One of the worse things you can do as an owner is let broken parts wear out more, if you feel, hear or see something that needs to be repaired get it done immediately! It will keep the repair costs down and stop the problem from manifesting and possibly affecting other parts of your vehicle.

5. Drive it, don’t store it

Barely driving your car and storing it away in a garage wont do it any good, Fluids don’t get to circulate properly, some metallic parts and garnishes might rust, suspension and rotating parts might get stuck in position, so its best to go out and drive your car like it was meant to be driven and don’t forget to enjoy it as well.

6. Bonus tip

Use Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment! formulated to reduce friction in your engine to give you better better acceleration, cleaner emissions, reduced engine noise/vibrations all leading to longer engine life. Head over to the Products or testimonials tab to know more about what Pertua can do for you and your vehicle, or click the shop tab to place an order. Take note! Pertua products are also available in all BLADE and ALLHOME stores nationwide.


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    You got my attention when you said that a cleaner engine oil can help you to reduce the noise of your engine and can give it a better acceleration that can prolong its life. My car has been emitting black smoke and has been making irritating noise when being used. My son is getting irritated with its annoying sounds, so I’ll make sure to shop for new engine oils.

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