Tips to Help Your Car Pass an Emissions Test
Posted on February 05, 2021 08:25:14 AM

Tips to Help Your Car Pass an Emissions Test

  • Perform necessary maintenance – Tackle any necessary service items before having your car tested, check if your vehicle needs the following processes such as oil changes and fuel and air filter changes.

  • Consider a tune up – if you think that your vehicle could use a tune-up before the emission check then go right ahead. Assessing the condition of parts in the fuel and ignition system such as gas caps and spark plugs. By replacing these serviceable parts, you can greatly improve your engine’s running efficiency and your chances of passing the emissions test.
  • Check your tires – During your vehicle inspection, the technician may have to drive your car on what is called a ‘dynamometer’ as part of the testing process. Underinflated tires can really affect your emission check results because your vehicle may have a hard time running and your engine pushes itself harder to reach the requirement of the test.
  • Warm up your engine – Spend some time driving your car at least 20 minutes right before the test. Doing so will help ensure the engine is at the optimum temperature for testing, engines that are warmer have a better chance of acing the test than those that are cooler.

    BONUS TIP : Before your emission test use Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment on your next oil change. with its US-Patented DuraSyn Technology Pertua thoroughly cleans engine and lubricant System to reduce harmful emissions.


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