Tips to make your Holy week trip easier
Posted on March 27, 2018 09:41:59 AM

Tips to make your Holy week trip easier

Holy week road trip

Travelling during Holy Week is a Filipino tradition. Whether it’s escaping the heat for the cool breeze of Baguio, soaking up the sun on the beaches, or going back to your native province.

Over the years, the volume of vehicles on the road has increased and infrastructure hasn’t been able to keep up with demand; Instead of being a relaxing trip away from all the hustle and
bustle of the city, the traffic problem has migrated to our favorite holiday destinations.

The problems can’t obviously be fixed with the blink of an eye; it will take time before Holy Week trips will be back to just cruising on the highway. Here are some tips that could help make the Holy Week road trip easier:

1. Plan your itinerary and stick to it
Once you have it all planned out, stick to it! Changing plans mid-way could cost you a lot of time on your way to your destination. You should only stop when necessary, only if you need to re-fuel, use the bathroom or any other emergency situations.

2. Use navigational apps
Nowadays its common to use apps like Waze and Google Maps to help avoid heavy traffic, these apps can also be useful for out of town trips. Instead of using only the main roads we know, these apps make you pass back roads and alternate routes you didn’t know are actually there.

3. Have a road trip playlist
Sometimes the radio station isn’t enough, before setting off you should compile all your favorite tunes. Doing so will keep you and your passengers in the best mood if you get stuck in traffic, while also keeping you awake and alert on the road.

4. Prepare light snacks
Not all the places you’ll be driving thru will have a decent place to eat. It could be hours before you find a place, or you could get stuck in traffic. That’s why packing light snacks could help you and your passengers satisfy that hunger till the next meal stop. Another reason to have light snacks is to be able to eat and get you through the major meal hours (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) so while everybody else is stopped and queuing at the rest stops to eat, you can make up time on your road trip.

5. Invest in Toll Booth Tags (RFID, EASYTRIP)
Want to avoid the long lines at the toll booth? Get a toll booth tag so you can breeze past the lines and continue on your journey without having to stop and line up. The best part is, it was recently announced that RFID or EASYTRIP subscribers can now use their tags on both the NLEX and SLEX.

6. Have cash on hand
Travelers should always have enough cash on hand before leaving. ATM’s are not easy to find on the road, also not all provincial establishments accept card transactions.

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