The Racers life: Insights from Dustin Esguerra and Adrian Lampano
Posted on May 21, 2018 15:55:33 PM

The Racers Life: Insights from Dustin Esguerra and Adrian Lampano

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A racer is regarded with the same awe and envy as an astronaut or fighter pilot, these people take extreme man made machines to their limits in pursuit of glory while inspiring countless people in the process. The racers life is not all glitz and glamour though, it takes the right amount of dedication, courage and just a bit of madness to succeed in their profession. In order to get more insights into their lifestyle of a racer the current state of Philippine motorsport Pertua interviewed Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra and Adrian Lampano 2 racers who have found more success by being a part of the Pertua family.

Here’s how it went:

Pertua: “When did you to start racing?”
Adrian: “Nagstart ako sa motor, Tapos unang nilalaro sa kotse ay drag racing. I Started in 2008 (Drag Racing) then 2010 I switched to circuit racing.”
Dustin: “Ako nag start sa 2000 (Scooter), nung una nga gamit naming scooter ng mom ko, since dalawa kami magkapatid hati pa kami dun sa isang scooter.”
Pertua: “Did you look up to anyone in particular?”
Adrian: “Enzo Pastor inspired me, Palagi niyang tinatanong sa paddock if okay kami, he looked out for other racers besides himself”
Dustin: “Valentino Rossi, Nung time na yun siya kasi ang sikat na rider at palaging nananalo”
Pertua: “What was that moment you realized I needed to do better to succeed?”
Adrian: “friends and their comments telling me na kaya ko pa gumaling, pushed me to get better, and put more effort into it”
Dustin: “Pag balik ko galling Japan nung 2008, na realize ko na the competition are better now, and di ko kaya maging relaxed lang and complacent.” Follow up question: “Are more young racers joining a good thing?”
Adrian & Dustin: “Yes, they bring awareness sa sport pati rin more sponsors are investing sa kanila and sa sport.”
Pertua: “What do you think was your biggest achievement as a racer?”
Adrian: “Winning 2 nd runner up 2017 Sparco Golden Wheel award.”
Dustin: “After 2 years of racing I was recruited by the Suzuki factory team. Then na offer ako ng Honda to go to Japan, and in 2018 nung nanalo kami in 3 different categories.”
Pertua: “What is your most memorable race with Pertua?”
Dustin: Nung (IRGP) race, na chip yung motor ko tapos may konting leak ng oil, I ended up finishing the race in 3 rd kahit ganun. Medjo nakakailang nga kasi it shouldn’t have performed that well and the bike should have broken but it was as if nothing was wrong.”
Adrian: “Wala naman specific na race, but when I was using other oils before the oil pressure wasn’t always so good, but when I switched to Pertua it was better, giving me piece of mind while racing.”

Dustin Esguerra

Dustin “THE DUSTROYER” Esguerra

Pertua: “Why do you think more people should be using Pertua on their vehicles for racing or for their everyday cars?”
Dustin: “Based on our Dyno, Versus another top synthetic brand which is one of the most expensive, it is better  by just about 0.5%. But Pertua Powertec is much cheaper and with almost the same performance. That says a lot about the oil quality, nakakagulat pero its true.”
Adrian: “When I was using other lubricant brands the oil would drain and burn much faster. When I switched to Pertua I would top up much less after races, and that’s in racing conditions pa.”

Adrian Lampano

Mr. Adrian Lampano

Pertua: “What do you think of the current state of motorsport in the Philippines?”
Adrian: “Healthy, Supported talaga ng parents ang young talent minsan nga ayaw na ng bata push pa rin ang parents, Also may influx of new sponsorships for racers and events. Tapos na lessen na ang illegal drag racing, kasi marami na masasalihan na track days and strict na ang AAP If nahuli ka sa illegal drag racing automatic ban by AAP.”
Dustin: “Agree ako healthy siya ngayon, Kasi palagi na may new fresh talent every race, di parang dati na every race pare-pareho lang mga racers. Marami na din nag offer na manufacturers na one make races like VIos Cup, and sa motor naman meron na din mga one make series, giving those who don’t have much money a chance to show yung talent nila.”
Pertua: “Do you have any advice for aspiring racers?”
Dustin: “Don’t aim for the prize only, that shouldn’t be your motivation. Keep the passion, Don’t race on the streets, keep It on the track.”
Adrian: “To the parents, Its up to the child let them make the decision if gusto talaga nila or hindi, for the children naman don’t force yourself and always be disciplined on track and out of it.”
Pertua: “Last question, How would you promote motorsports in the Philippines?”
Adrian: “More media coverage, nakita natin yung pag host natin ng Asian Championship F2 race sa clark. Pati rin yung Vios cup, yearly na nga yun eh, dapat lang continued yung mga ganun na events with coverage.”
Dustin: Oo nga, more events lang talaga organized by sponsors, palagi nga akong tinatanong ng riders kelan ulit kami magpapa track day ulit with Pertua. Mahirap kasi mag organize ng events na kanya kanya lang, masyadong mahal, kaya sponsors talaga kailangan to increase yung number of races sa calendar”. The racing scene in the Philippines is improving and gaining more exposure as a viable lifestyle and not only a pipe dream. Needless to say, Its going to take dedication, discipline and a whole lot of funding and support to make that dream come true.

Racing costs a lot of money, with countless investments to your machine like repairs, engine rebuilds, new tires and others! Protect your investment with Pertua’s wide range of products from lubricants like Pertua Apex with Durasyn Technology (For Vehicles) and Pertua Powertec with Durasyn Technology  (For Motorcylces), and additives like Pertua oil and metal treatment and the new Pertua shot formulated to restore engine power, while also reducing noise and vibrations. To learn more about Pertua head over to the product and testimonials tab, and don’t forget to follow our FB page at: for events and product updates. We’d like to salute both Dustin “Dustroyer” Esguerra and Adrian Lampano for following their dreams and passion, as well as wishing them continued success on the track with Pertua!

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