The Inspiration behind Pertua
Posted on June 03, 2019 16:30:57 PM

The Inspiration behind Pertua

John A. Simon

The series of events that led to Pertua’s invention is an amazing story of opportunity and experience. It starts simply enough with a young man, Juanito Ayson Simon, a native of Apalit, Pampanga. John, as he is fondly called, was born a curious and precocious child who was fascinated with knowledge and science.

The Pertua journey started when John was an apprentice in a machine shop during his high school years.There he learned how to work various metals into parts and components for various machines. It was this early exposure to metal forming that led to John to study Mechanical Engineering.

In the late 70’s he had a successful venture supplying parts and services to big manufacturing companies including metals fabrications, welding alloy and special steels. His keen understanding of mechanical engineering and his early exposure to metallurgy allowed him to craft and supply replacements parts that worked better, lasted longer at less cost than imported components.

A neighbor in Tondo convinced him to apply for a Passport, since he is a businessman and might wish to travel to Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia, and these countries do not require Visa. So he was convinced to get a passport by this neighbor who happened to be working at MFA. After two days he got the Passport. On that same day upon arriving to the office, he met a townmate friend who offered a Travel business partnership catering US Tourist Visa Assistance, and surely the business will prosper because of their connection with US Embassy insider. They challenge him to try to get a US and the result was positive. He went to the U.S.A. and subsequently learned Tribology and Advanced Lubrication in one of the major oil companies.

In Houston, he made a full time research on fuel additive. Back then, the market for fuels in America was getting competitive. Additives to boost engine performance, save fuel and protect engine components were being developed to differentiate one brand from another. John, the creative thinker and hands on tinkerer that he is, found the temporary nature of fuel additives burning off in the combustion process a terrible waste. He was convinced there was a better way to keep engines maintain efficiency and reach peak performance for a longer time basis. With that thought in mind, he combined his knowledge and experience of machines, metals and additives and invented

John A. Simon Award

Per’tua Oil and Metal Treatment (POMT). The brand name Per’tua was a contraction of the word
“perpetual.” Shortly thereafter lubricants pre blended with POMT followed. Since then, for over 30 years Pertua products have protected machines and engines while boosting power and promoting savings in fuel, maintenance and oil replacement. It is a testament to one man’s good nature and inherent curiosity that led to its discovery.

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