Synthetic Performance Travelling in the Ilocos Regions
Posted on February 12, 2016 17:02:56 PM

Synthetic Performance Travelling in the Ilocos Regions

synthetic performance in Ilocos

Choose Synthetic Perfomance travelling for more Power, Protection and Savings.


Is your vehicle having trouble moving in the northern regions? Experience trouble-free motoring with the new and improved Pertua products that may save you from engine troubles and hassles.

Experience the luxury of what Synthetic Performance can bring to your vehicle. While priced similar to regular products, Pertua offers synthetic benefits through its US-patented technology such as the extension of oil life, fuel savings and instant increase in power.

Pertua welcomes its trade partner – dealers in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union region listed below into the family.  Browse through the official list below for reference of genuine dealers.

pertua products available in Ilocos Stores


1.       Amega Auto SupplyCandon, Iocos Sur and Bacnotan La Union Branch
2.       Lea Auto SupplyTagudin, Ilocos Sur
3.       Brenda Mae Auto SupplyAringay, La Union
4.       Auto Med Auto SupplyCaba, La Union
5.       Ilocos StarNarvacan, La Union
6.       Jinie Auto SupplyBangar, La Union
7.       Marnika Cycle PartsBangar, La Union
8.       Deck Auto SupplyCandon, Iocos Sur
9.       Arco Gas StationLuna, La Union
10.    Pascua Cycle PartsBacnotan, La Union
11.    Marine Auto SupplyBaguio City
12.    Gana Auto SupplyCaba, La Union
13.    JLJ Cycle PartsRosario, La Union
14.    Hiway Auto SupplySan Fernando, La Union
15.    New Era Auto SupplyBauang, La Union
16.    Jetron Gas StationSan Fernando City, La Union
17.    Aljean Auto SupplySan Fernando City, La Union
18.    JNJ Cycle PartsSan Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
19.    1297 Auto SupplySan Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
20.    SMRSan Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
21.    Hiway Auto SupplyAncheta St. San Fernando City La Union
22.    Richard Cycle PartsSan Fernando City, La Union
23.    Kree Cycle PartsSan Fernando City, La Union
24.    Union Cycle PartsSan Fernando City, La Union
25.    Fieza Cycle PartsSan Fernando City, La Union
26.    Tots Cycle PartsSan Fernando City, La Union
27.    Thunder MotorworksSan Fernando City, La Union
28.    Namnama Motor WorksSan Fernando City, La Union
29.    Carr Break Auto SupplyBacarra, Ilocos Norte
30.    Jasfer MotorcycleBacarra, Ilocos Norte
31.    Bacarra MotorcycleLaoag, Ilocos Norte
32.    New Jom Auto SupplyLaoag, Ilocos Norte
33.    Auto MekanikoLaoag, Ilocos Norte
34.    Goodyear LaoagLaoag, Ilocos Norte
35.    Nina Marc LaoagSan Juan, La Union
36.    Tricass Auto SupplyAringay, La Union
37.    Auto Med Motor WorksSta Maria, Ilocos Sur
38.    Chua TradingNarvacan, Ilocos Sur
39.    DN318Candon, Ilocos Sur
40.    Amega Auto SupplyBangar, Ilocos Sur
41.    Marnica Cycle PartsBangar, Ilocos Sur
42.    Wally Cycle PartsBangar, , Ilocos Sur
43.    Rebecca Auto SupplyTagudin, Ilocos Sur
44.    ABE Auto SupplyTagudin, , Ilocos Sur
45.    Lea Auto SupplySta Cruz, Ilocos Sur
46.    Vallo Cycle PartsSta Cruz, Ilocos Sur

Interested to be Dealer?

Reach our regional distributor for Region 1: Balaoan Petrol Station – Rodolfo “Jhun” Padua (0907-4912280) or Pertua Marketing Corporation for business – 362-1545 / 0943-1284142

Click here for more information to become a reseller.

become a reseller in ilocos region

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