Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

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Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment with its US-Patented DuraSyn Technology offer Engines and Machines with Superior Anti-Oxidation Action.

• Blends with any regular oil to match the Performance and benefits of other Full Synthetic brands

• Increases horsepower and fuel efficiency

• Guards against rust and overheat

• Saves user on costly repairs and parts

• Thoroughly cleans engine and lubricant System to reduce harmful emissions

• Extends oil life up to 4 times the usual


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Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment with its US-Patented DuraSyn Technology offer Engines and Machines with Superior Anti-Oxidation Action.

13 reviews for Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    If there’s a rating higher than 5 star, then I will rate it that way. Works really well. Better try it. Worth every peso!


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tested this on our 1999 Nissan Terrano Gas 2.4L. I observed the temp, engine noise and performance before I used this and the after results are amazing! reduced engine noise, cooler temp and the performance has improved especially on responsiveness when you step on the gas. Now, I’m going to try this on our 2017 Honda Mobilio RS. Hoping for the same results. Thank you, Pertua! Tatak Pinoy at galing ng pinoy!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Can i use pertua on a 2016 accent diesel crdi engine?

    • yes sir

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    sir, how many pertua oil treatment do I have to add to a Nissan trail 2.0?

    • 8% ratio or 1 can to 4 liters

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    can i use pertua oil treatment on automatic tranmission?

    • No. Transmission requires specific amount of friction for engaging plates. Pertua nullifies friction thus it can not be added. However. Pertua ATF is already formulated with balanced additives to protect automatic transmission.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi, should I put this on engine along with the change oil, or a few days before changing oil?

    • yes sir apply upon fresh change oil together with your preferred oil brand. ratio is 8% or 1 can to 4 liters

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    When should I use this? During oil change? Montero 2014 dsl

    • yes sir apply upon fresh change oil together with your preferred oil brand. ratio is 8% or 1 can to 4 liters

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    I just want to ask if i can add POMT to my engine oil even if i already changed oil 6 weeks ago?

    • Yes, but it is ideally applied upon fresh change oil for full benefits because contaminants are not present yet.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    if in case i will use the pertua oil for diesel,is there a need for me to add the pertua additive?thank you

    • if you are going to use our premium oil Pertua Exello Endurance no need to add the oil and metal treatment as it is already pre blended. On the other hand you can add the oil and metal treatment if you are going to use Pertua CVO

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Can i use the oil treatment on ford fiesta?

    • yes

  11. Rated 3 out of 5

    do i still need to add this if im using apex?

    • no need sir Apex endurance is already blended with our oil and metal treatment

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi Sir. Can I use pertua oil treatment even I am using fully synthetic oil? Can we use it to gas and diesel engine? and what will be the standard ratio? I want to try this product. Thanks.

    • yes. ratio is 8% or 1 can to 4 liters

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    What about innova 2.0 gas at 145000 Kms? How many cans? 5.5 litres more or less..

    • 8% ratio sir or 440 ml

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” Lumakas ang hatak ng mga 30%, naging matipid sa fuel at lalong tumahimik ang makina pag naka idle. You will feel the result agad! Great product!”

– Juan Niyebe (Lazada Buyer)

“i have my doubts bago ko sya ialagay sa makina ng kotse ko. Nung inilagay namin parang wala namang nagbago nung paandarin ko makina. I went back inside the house for a few minutes. When I went back akala ko patay makina, I have to touch the hood just to check. Mas tahimik makina ko ngayon. Runs more efficient. Subukan nyo, pag hindi totoo sinasabi ko ibabalik ko pinangbili nyo ng Pertua. ”

– Gilbert P. Santillan (Lazada Buyer)

“Been using this on my motorcycle and car. The car runs quieter and smoother, expect mo na may power talaga. Ganun din sa motor. Plus mura to compare sa mga naglabasang engine treatment. ”

– Jed (Lazada Buyer)

“Malakas ang hatak at nangamoy pomade ang engine at hindi nagbubuga ng itim na usok. Wala pa syang durasyn technology noon. Now, I will be using it sa 15 yr old na toyota revo. ”

– Freddie Ordinario (Lazada Buyer)

“This is a must have when changing your oil, try and tested and satisfied on my Vios 06!”

– Tembelt Jobo (Facebook Fanpage)

” Ok ito nakagamit ako nito kasi ito protect the sleeve sa liner”

– Solo Barbero (Facebook Fanpage)

” Napakadulas niya kumpara dun sa ibang brand na kapag medyo pa due na for oil change nagbabago na ang takbo pero sa Pertua walang problema”

– Jerry Alforja (Facebook Fanpage)

GPrint Graphics

“1600km at chineck ko ang langis, malinis pa daw sabi ng mekaniko ko.. thumbs up!”

– GPrint Graphics (Facebook Fanpage)

We have achieved less maintenance trouble and smooth operation during these past 2 months, and we are certain this is mainly attributed to PERTUA OIL. – Hector Galang Oil Mill Manager, Unilever PRC


Hector Ocobillo

 Hector Ocobillo (Facebook Fanpage)

Maneym S Redge

– MaNeym S Redge (Facebook Fanpage)

PERTUA OIL can also prevent the immediate damage or seizure of a forklift, as tested, even if its oil totally drained. – Engr. Eduardo Austria Maintenance Supervisor, Motorpool Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc.

PERTUA keeps our engines always in tip top conditon, passing yearly smog-emission tests with lower fuel consumption average and lesser change oil frequency compared to those of my friends’cars in the same model. Truly a tried and tested world class US patented invention worth promoting – Antonio Modesto L. Aquino Ex-Representative, 2nd District – Quezon City, Philippines


Maverick Co

– Maverick Co (Facebook Fanpage)

We highly recommend the use of PERTUA OIL AND METAL TREATMENT on all transportation and industrial machineries for the purpose of cutting cost in maintenance and repair as well as keeping our engine in highly efficient Ricardo Viray Service Advisor, Magnolia Nestle


Keith Sibal

– Keith Sibal (Facebook Fanpage)

We tortured test PERTUA Oils and Additive by trying it in our due for overhaul jeepney with Isuzu engine. It already failed three times in the LTO Emission testing with the rate of 4.8 Opacimeter reading, wherein the passing mark is 2.5. Amazingly, after using Pertua Motor Oil and treating the diesel fuel with PERTUA ETS fuel additive, the said jeep passed LTO (MVIS) Emission Test with an outstanding Opacimeter reading of 1.1!” We also traveled an equidistance of 81 km. with and with our PERTUA, surprisingly there was a significant savings of fuel consumption by 41 %! – Roberto Martin National President, Pasang Masda Jeepney Driver’s Association


Redge-Les Villegas

– Redge-Les Villegas (Facebook Fanpage)

Madaming customer and naghahanap sakin ng ganyan. Sabi pa nga ay napakagaling talaga ng PERTUA, subok na subok na nila!  Shell Service Center in Laguna

Alexander Joel Alfonso

– Alexander Joel Alfonso (Facebook Fanpage)

A real product that really works!

Frank Culmone, Race Car Champion

My delivery tankers and other vehicles have been treated with Pertua for 6 years now, one of which was even saved from damage due to loss of engine oil – Danny Laiz Operator, Choiced Petron Malanday, Bulacan


Since 1992, we noted generally cleaner used engine oil and internal engine parts of our treated buses – Nick Soriano Jr. Operator NS Transport Inc.


My ’80 Mercedes Bens improved its oil cooling system – Fred Se AVP and Head for QC Mandaluyong BPI


The pumping oil of the tractor head we treated in August 1994 was almost eliminated. At present, all our trucks are Pertua treated, and are passing government pollution tests. – Fidel E. Lamparo Shop Manager Cox Trucking


For 22 years, I never believe in the need for engine oil additives. Usual recommended maintenance practices as in regular oil changes are still best. However, in 1993, my 1992 Nissan Sentra significantly improved its performance, especially with its increased top speed that almost equaled that of the bigger 1.6 GL Nissan Super Saloon after I used PERTUA Oil – Engr. Jun Baltola Service Marketing Manager, Nissan Valley Inc.


I am satisfied using PER’TUA Oil with oil my vehicles. – Vic Saulo GM Saulo Surplus Center, Past President QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Charter President, Roaring Toastmasters Club



Leon Aguilar (Facebook Fanpage)

Product Specification (PDF) - Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

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