SF-10 Gasoline and Diesel Engines

(9 customer reviews)

A premium synthetic motor oil that provides excellent protection from wear and tear and keeps the engine at peak performance.

  • Formulated with Pertua’s DuraSyn Technology
  • Safe and suitable for all types of Gasoline & Diesel Engines
  • Speeds up engine responsiveness
  • Meets the most demanding driving conditions
  • Maximum protection for both oil and metal surfaces
  • Change oil Interval of up to 20,000km
  • Increased fuel efficiency

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9 reviews for SF-10 Gasoline and Diesel Engines

  1. Joel Resurreccion

    Can I use this on BMW N45 engine? BMW recommended to use 5W30 / 5W40 oil.

    • pertua admin

      we suggest to use an oil with the same viscosity as to what your engine requirements. If you want to use Pertua you can add our oil and metal treatment together with your 5w30 / 5w40 oil. Ratio is 1 can to 4 liters

  2. Ryan Santos

    Can I use this Oil in Yahama Mio Soul i125?

    • pertua admin

      SF 10 is for 4 wheels sir Ryan Santos.

  3. conrad

    pewde bang gamitin ito sa diesel engine?

    • pertua admin

      Yes sir.

  4. Dindo Tugbo

    Can I use this on MUX ? Is it necessary to add metal treatment? If yes how many cans?

    • pertua admin

      2 choices you can apply the oil and metal treatment with your prefer oil brand (ratio 1 can or 320ml to 4 liters) or our blended oil Pertua Apex its up to you

  5. jakeravs

    Hi! What’s the difference between SF10 and Apex?

    • pertua admin

      Apex is mineral oil , SF10 synthetic oil

  6. jet borja

    Is SF-10 a fully synthetic oil? Is it already pre-mixed or blended with Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment? Or do I still need to add a can (320ml) of POMT?

    • pertua admin

      SF -10 is Already blended with the Oil and Metal treatment but suddenly as of now our SF -10 is on hold.

  7. allen

    can i use this SF 10 on my hyundai excel 1995 model sir? thank you!

    • pertua admin

      SF-10 is already on hold in the marketing you must try our Blended Oils Apex for Gasoline Engine and Exello for Diesel Engine.

  8. blu

    Do you have fully synthetic oil exclusively for gasoline engine? aside from sf10, bcos sf10 is for both petrol and diesel engines.

    • Pertua Admin001

      For Now is ON HOLD to the Marketing.

  9. Ian

    What is the difference between SF10 and APEX?

    • Pertua Admin001

      Hi Ian,

      SF-10 is our fully synthetic oil , but suddenly its already on hold right now.

      Apex Endurance is for Gasoline Engine mineral base oil but the Performance is same as Fully Synthetic.
      you must try it and see the Difference.

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Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - SF10

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) - SF10