Pertua Powertec – 2nd Track Day with JCP Racing Club
Posted on August 17, 2016 20:04:14 PM

Pertua Powertec ‘s 2nd Track Day with JCP Racing Club

Pertua was invited to join JCP’s first Track Day at Carmona Race Circuit. JCP’s club members are composed of professional track riders and endurance racers. Over 30 club members showed up with different types of Motorcycles (Scooters and Big Bikes) to hone their skills on the track. Pertua’s role was to convince that a local yet high performing oil can outperform its foreign counterparts of which the riders currently use on their bikes by letting the change be immediately felt on the track.

After a brief introduction and demonstration of Pertua’s DuraSyn Technology (Found in all Synthetic Performance products), Pertua Powertec was distributed and injected into the bikes for the members to test if what Pertua said was true. Being the professional riders that they were, it was natural for them to be skeptic at first, as if, what Pertua and its product demonstration showcased was too good to be true and that they would know how to a good oil should fare especially if pressure and load forced into the engine is high.

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After the test run, all members were convinced that there was an indeed, an immediate upgrade in performance compared to their previous, higher costing oils. The video included in this article features positive comments voluntarily mined from the members. “Maganda ang pasok sa gears”, “’Di masyadong umiinit ang makina” , “Maganda yung hatak” , “Nabawasan yung ingay ng makina”, “Nabawasan ang vibration”, are just some of the testimonials Pertua Powertec received from the JCP’s club members fresh from the track.

All members of the JCP racing club provided a thumbs up and now endorse Pertua Powertec as they discovered how its technology can be well appreciated both on the track and everyday engine stress loads. An uncut version of the post track run interviews can be found below.

More images from the event

(For those who missed Pertua’s first track day at Carmona Racing Circuit, check it out here.)

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