Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment Extreme Test
Posted on January 27, 2017 16:28:20 PM

Once again, our company gambled to find the limits of our main product. We put the Pertua Oil and Metal treatment into an extreme test, adding it into an old blow-by Nissan Terrano engine without prior oil change. Usually, owners at this stage of a vehicle dispose of it already. The dilapidated oil has many contaminants and tried hard to go against the benefits of Pertua’s DuraSyn Technology.

Eric Navarro, a licensed real estate broker has been driving for 20 years. He test drove the Terrano first without the treatment’s help to get a feel of its current performance. It was noted that the pedal was stiff and the engine was tired. These types of engines consume more fuel because of engine inefficiency. Moreover, the engine already produced black smoke, signifying its both the age of the oil inside and the metal parts.

We poured Pertua’s Oil and Metal Treatment with less hope of succeeding because of no prior oil change. Surprisingly, the product outperformed its instructions. Using the same route, the driver felt the significant change in terms of power, together with lesser vibrations and a softer pedal. After the test drive, it can be visually noticed that the black smoke was heavily reduced. True to its claims, the Oil and Metal Treatment cleaned the engine, revitalized the metal parts and gave an extra boost to both oil and engine overall.

Under such pressures, the only thing standing between metal surfaces is the oil. Not only does the oil need to be strong and stay strong, oil and metal need to be enhanced. This goes for every drive, every start, every valve rotation, every time drivers need to press their foot on the accelerator. With its unique technology, Pertua’s Oil and Metal Treatment has once again proven that only can bring real and not advertised Power, Protection and Savings.

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