Pertua Joins the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Trade Event
Posted on January 12, 2016 18:17:29 PM

philippine society of mechanical engineersPertua participates in the 63rd Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME) Annual Convention with a theme “”Towards a Globally Recognized Filipino Mechanical Engineers“.

For Pertua, it was a busy yet fulfilling 4 days in the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers.

pertua oil demo

Busy, because the Engineers were very curious with our product demonstration. Product presentations feature a simple machine that mimic’s an engine. Instead of being powered by Gas, the machine is powered by electric and only a torque wrench gives pressure to a rotating bearing. Presentations mainly feature the before and after effects of the Oil and Metal Treatment when applied to regular lubricants.

During the event, Pertua had to bring in products and do retailing as the Engineers demanded it.pertua products

Fulfilling, because we heard so many good words from user – Mechanical Engineers themselves:

“Ang ganda ng langis niyo”

“Ginagamit ng buong pamilya ko iyan”

“Hinahanap ko lagi ang produkto niyo”

“Nawala yung ingay, naging smooth ang takbo at once a year lang ako mag oil change dahil sa Pertua” and many more!

pertua product display

These came from highly respected licensed mechanical engineers who were originally expected to be harsh critics. Yet, Engineer Simon, a PSME member himself, proved that his invention is tried and true to its claims. Words like these make the Pertua management strive harder every day to share how well Filipino Innovation can be in contrast to foreign brands.pertua amazed mechanical enginners

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