Pertua at IRGP XI
Posted on December 06, 2017 09:41:38 AM


“Pertua at IRGP XI”

For 3 straight years Pertua once again joined the Inside Racing Grand Prix’s 11th run. Pertua was on the grid with sponsored team MLW Racing and motorcycle race champion Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra.  The race was held at Carmona Cavite, Last November 19, 2017.


Being the most awaited motorcycle race event in the country, the IRGP features all the best riders who have gained honors in local and international races. Despite not finishing on the podium this year Dustin is still optimistic and still looking forward to future races.

This was his post-race comment, “We prepared well but we only got the 4th place in 180cc Scooter. Base dun sa qualifying trials nag improve naman yung performance where we only got 7th place on the grid. This race was a surprise because all the other racers dropped 1 sec. from last year’s average lap times and in past IRGPs, our lap time should have been competitive in front. This was due to a new tire being allowed to be used by the organizers. But still it was a great race at it is and it will be a race to learn from and a new baseline to start from. I am hoping in my next race we will be on the top 3 again”.

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