Patrick Manapat: Pertua’s First Speedway Representative
Posted on July 08, 2016 15:41:48 PM

Patrick Manapat: Pertua’s First Speedway Representative

Patrick Manapat Pertua's First Speedway Representative 5

Pertua welcomed its first four-wheel Brand Ambassador in Patrick Manapat when an agreement was signed last June. The partnership’s goal to mainly provide an extra association to Pertua’s advanced lubrication technology that it can also be used in races. Pertua has always been known to differentiate itself from the rest through its Synthetic Performance reputation by providing alternate and more affordable oils and treatments as opposed to traditional racing oils headed by full synthetic brands. In races, engines are tested and pushed to the extreme. Only high caliber oils and treatments can withstand and provide boosts to drivers on the asphalt.

Patrick joined the 2016 Sparco Cup Track Attack Challenge and Grid Race last June 26 at Clark International Speedway, Pampanga. On the first run he got 2:24:300 best time that brought him into the place 4th place. The highly difficulty of the environment of the race gave Patrick the chance to push Pertua’s boundaries. However, Patrick solemnly swears that his engine ran better compared to the last lubricant brands he used.

Pertua has always been in search for opportunities to push its products to the limit and what there’s no better venue than test its capabilities than the race track.

WATCH this video from Patrick’s dashboard:

(credits to owner of the video: Patrick Manapat)

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