How Does The Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment Work?
Posted on February 18, 2016 17:12:37 PM

How Does The Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment Work?

Do you want to have power, protection and savings for your engine? In this video, we demonstrate the benefits of the use of Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

Imagine if this were your engine.

Thru a machine that demonstrates friction, with an electric motor connected to an ammeter, a torque wrench is connected to the metal bar to supply load unto the machine bearing. By putting weight into the metal bar, it restricts the rotation of the metal sphere thereby causing friction.

Lubricants are often used to prevent friction in order to provide a layer of protection between metal parts. However, ordinary lubricants in the market are unsuccessful in preventing the problem of friction.

The motor has a difficult time when metal to metal contact happens. A distinct noise can be heard during this occurrence. Aside from the noise, a motor running with excessive friction will generate heat making it chemically unstable and open for oxidation. Your machine will rely on more power in order to keep running.

With Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment, it polarizes the metal in your engine to prevent contact, thus reducing the problem of friction. The US formulated and patented technology performs even in extreme heat and pressure. It also protects the machine even after treatment and without the use of lubrication.

With Pertua Oil, you’ll get the best of both worlds as it is anti-friction and anti-oxidant. Studies have shown that it has many economic benefits, like increasing the horsepower and torque, having well-maintained engine parts, reducing significantly harmful emission, high fuel savings and having an extended oil life span of up to 20,000 kilometers.

how does pertua oil and metal treatment work

Pertua is a dynamic and innovative company established in 1988 which provides a scientific breakthrough in lubrication technology. Its flagship invention, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is patented both in the U.S and in the Philippines providing peak machine performance locally and globally.

Don’t make your engine suffer the perils of friction. Get the power, protection and savings you need. Watch the video on how Pertua provides change for the better.

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