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Posted on February 27, 2017 16:28:46 PM

Curious of how the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment can positively affect one’s fleet operations, Bus Operator Erjohn and Almark, based in Silang, Cavite, accepted our proposal to test the treatment on one of their buses. The company selected one if its older buses to test.

A base reading was first initiated by refueling the selected bus to full tank. The chosen travel route is one of its usual trips via the Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. It started from Erjohn and Almark’s bus terminal in Silang, up to the tagaytay Rotunda then back to the terminal under regular traffic conditions. This route is approximately 18 kilometers.
Once it had returned to the terminal, the base reading route consumed 6.92 liters of diesel. It was then filled up to full tank and was lead back inside the lot where Pertua Cans were injected. Since the bus engine requires 16 liters of diesel engine oil, four cans were applied. To prove its advanced capabilities, however, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment was once again put on an extreme test by NOT draining the current oil and allow the treatment to work against unclean oil and other present impurities in the engine.
The selected bus, now enhanced with Pertua’s treatment, took the same route from earlier to provide a parallel view. It went from the terminal up to Tagaytay’s Rotunda, and back to the terminal under regular traffic conditions. 
When it was able to return, the bus was refueled. Exceeding expectations, the bus now only consumed 5.93 liters of diesel when it was refueled to full tank.
True to its claim, Pertua restores engine efficiency which directly translates to better fuel consumption and less waste. In Erjohn and Almark’s case, the tested bus was immediately able to save 14.3% worth of diesel on one trip. If one bus does two trips a day using the same route, this would result into more than 10,000 worth of peso savings per month.
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  1. jv bUdz


    Good am pwede ba yung apex sa crv 99 dito sa Baguio ?o merong apex na 15w30 kc puro 15w50 nakikita k sa pics..thank you

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