Pertua Joins Formula 1 The Grim Night 1 Auto Show
Posted on June 29, 2016 00:49:29 AM

Pertua Joins Formula 1 The Grim Night 1 Auto Show

Formula 1 Event and LMNTRX Production held the Formula 1 Series the Grim night 1 Auto Show at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last June 18, 2016. Tuned up Cars and beefed up motorcycles came out on display while Automotive brands set-up their booth. The event was mainly attended by popular bike and vehicle groups such as the 4 x 4 Pajero Club.

Pertua Synthetic Performance Lubricants had set up its own booth where customers got to interact with Pertua staff and buy their own Pertua Products. The highlight of the booth was Pertua’s official entry to the car show which attracted the attention of passers-by and photographers.

Meet Muchi, a neon green Chevrolet Spark. Pertua’s first car show competitor powered by Pertua. Not surprisingly, Muchi won its fare share of awards: Best Chevrolet – Champion and Best Novice Car.

Pertua extends its congratulations to Formula 1 Event and LMNTRX Production for a job well done. We will see you all on the next Car Show!

– credit to JJDG Portraits for the photos-

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