Pertua held its First Track Day at Carmona Racing Circuit
Posted on February 25, 2016 09:15:43 AM

First Pertua Track Day

Pertua Track Day
Carmona Racing Circuit, November 18, 2015 — Fresh from the IRGP9 race Pertua held its 1st Track Day at Carmona Racing Circuit, as early as 8am, participants had gathered in Carmona to experience the same race track that pros, especially of that of the Pertua-MLW race team, used in IRGP 9.

Present during the event were the Pertua Management and Pertua-MLW racers Dustin “the Dustroyer” Esguerra and Mark Indiongco who generously gave tips for the other our participants.

Dustin and Mark our Pertua Racers

Left: Dustin Esguerra; Right: Mark Indiongco

The main goal of the event is have riders feel the immediate difference Pertua brings upon change oil to the bike using its motorcycle oil brand, Pertua Powertec now newly fused with more advanced ingredients.

Dustin and Mark with our Pertua Products

Left: Mark Indiongco; Right: Dustin Esguerra

With a total of 53 participants the participants were told to test the track for sequences of 15 laps each. The first sequence began with the riders using their motorcycle’s current oil. Then upon change oil to Pertua Powertec, product got an all positive feedback from all participants through a survey questionnaire. The riders felt immediate improvement: minimum heat, less engine noise, no clutch slippage, increase in power and torque and minimized smoke emissions. The participants were impressed with the Pertua Powertec’s performance.

The highlight of the day features a test on Pertua’s unconventional claim that engines with Pertua may run without oil for a long while. Pertua-MLW racer Mark Indiongco made 15 laps round on the track amazingly without oil!




Watch Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra as he leads the overall ranking. (Read full story here.)

This proves that Pertua’s Durasyn Technology offers great protection against wear, tear, inefficiency and heat through its patented Anti-friction technology.
the pertua powertec for motorcycles

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