What Engine Oil Treatment Can Actually Produce Results?
Posted on September 19, 2016 22:36:02 PM

What Engine Oil Treatment Can Actually Produce Results?

To “lubricate” is to minimize friction, which promotes less contact between two surfaces. It is essential to engines to protect and make metal parts move efficiently. This allows a vehicle to operate at its peak performance. Should metal to metal contact happen, engine components will experience accelerated wear and tear which results in breakage and expense.

“Additives” make up a significant portion (maximum of 30%) of an engine oil lubricant and are blended in to enhance the base oils used. Most common additive packages include viscosity and lubricity modifiers, rust inhibitors, detergents, and dispersants. Today, most common engine oil brands already contain these.

However, there are available aftermarket additives for sale which claim to improve performance further. These additives are best added to fresh crankcase oils after an oil change service. While there are many known oil additive brands, not all people feel it is necessary to use them. In fact, most oil manufacturers would claim additives are redundant and may be harmful and destroy the original chemical composition of good quality engine oil.

Pertua Engine Oil Treatment

With Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment (DuraSyn Technology) – a known brand that is NOT simply an additive but actually treats the engine metal parts and the very oil it is combined with, the formulation dramatically reduces engine friction and fortifies the oil that helps it run. For the past 28 years and backed by thousands of tests and testimonials, Pertua delivers a “more bang for your buck” proposition. The US patented technology guarantees users will get more power, better protection, and savings from less fuel use, less frequent changes, and fewer repairs.

Unlike regular aftermarket engine oil additives which may affect the chemical composition of engine oils, Pertua’s Oil and Metal Treatment only uses the engine oils as a way to reach the internal metal parts it will protect. In doing so, it also treats the oil with its anti-oxidant properties so that it is better protected from premature deterioration and contamination which extends the oil’s usable life.

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