Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra Overall Rank 1 at the USRA Race Events
Posted on January 20, 2016 11:25:56 AM

Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra Overall Rank 1 at the USRA Race Events

Philippine motorcycle racing season for 2015 has finally ended with MLW-Pertua Team Lead Racer Dustin “the Dustroyer” Esguerra garnering 1,445 points (as of November 2015) enough to appoint him as the lead motorcycle racer in the country.
Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra-Rank1-Pertua Powertec motorcycle oil

Dustroyer on Action - with Pertua Powertec Synthetic Performance OilFrom humble beginnings to number one: Dustin is one who pioneered the use of 4-stroke motorcycles in the local racing scenery. In fact, veteran riders used to frown on upon his potential especially with his choice of bike. “Maiiwanan ka lang nyan,” was a comment he Dustin proceeded with his plan and hit the track as a privateer.

Dustin is currently the lead racer in team Pertua-MLW with Zebra Helmet and Pertua Powertec as chief sponsors, manager Mark Louie Weng and co-team member, Mark Indiongco. His use of Pertua Powertec Motorcycle Oil provided the extra boost of power, protection, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and anti-heat benefits he and his team needed to seal podium finishes with the help of the fused Oil and Metal Treatment technology patented by Pertua.

Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra-using Pertua Powertec

“Smooth ng takbo”, quotes the Dustroyer. Even more surprising is that the Synthetic Performance Pertua Powertec Motorcycle Oil just costs at a suggested retail price of Php 249 for an 800 ml bottle versus its 100% Synthetic counterparts that are priced a thousand pesos up.

Pertua Powertec is indeed, the racing performance YOU can afford.

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