Did you know how detrimental STOP and GO traffic is to your car?
Posted on March 04, 2021 14:43:38 PM

Did you know how detrimental STOP and GO traffic is to your car?

EDSA = TRAFFIC, any day including weekends and holidays. According to crowdsourced global statistics database Number’s 2020 Traffic Index; traffic in the Philippines is ranked ninth-worst in the world and the worst among all ASEAN countries. And, did you know how detrimental STOP and GO traffic is to your car?

The distress that you suffer from the daily traffic is nothing compared to what your car goes through. Below are some harmful effects of traffic congestions/jams on your car.


The fluid can absorb moisture which can lead to corrosion in your hydraulic system. If the fluid is low-level, contaminated by moisture, or not flowing properly, your braking power is impeded. Brake fluid does not evaporate nor get dirty like other fluids such as oil and coolants, however, it can cause massive damage to your brake system when you get stuck in traffic. The brake fluid can absorb moisture, thereby lowering the boiling temperature.


The drive belt enables the different essential parts attached to your car’s engine to function, such as the alternator, water pump, and air conditioner compressor, among others. Your car’s drive belt can work for years but constant friction during traffic jams causes wear and tear.


Stop-and-go driving can harm your brakes and engine. If you experience a grabbing or feel the car pulling to one side, hear a grinding sound while braking, or feel the steering wheel wobble when stopping, these are signs that you need to have your brakes checked with each oil change using Pertua Oil Metal and Treatment (POMT).

Anyone who drives their vehicles in areas with heavy traffic such as EDSA, should change their oil more frequently. We cannot save ourselves from traffic jam because it is already inevitably a part of our daily life but what we can save is the condition of our car using the friend of all oils and guardian of Metals – Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment.

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