Common mistakes motorcycle riders make
Posted on May 11, 2018 10:46:52 AM

Common mistakes motorcycle riders make

Motorcycle Riders

We all know that the traffic situation in the metro has been getting worse over the years, this has prompted motorists to switch to motorcycles as their personal mode of transport to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jams. This has also resulted in an increase of motorcycles on our roads; adding up to more accidents as motorcycle riders contend for space in the already crowded city roads.

Accidents can be avoided though, below are some mistakes riders commonly make and should avoid doing.

1. Staying under an overpass when its raining Almost all riders are guilty of this, its understandable that you wouldn’t want to get wet or dirty because of the rain but for you to block the road and become hazards to other motorists is wrong and not to mention very dangerous. Its better to find a covered parking area where you can wait out the rain safely.

2. Switching to neutral while stationary
When stopped at a stoplight waiting for green, you shift your bike into neutral suddenly you hear a screech of tires behind you, only to realize its too late since to shift back into to gear to get out of the way and just brace for impact. To avoid this, keep your bike in gear while stationary in case you have to maneuver out of the way in emergency situations.

3. Relying too much on the rear brake
Riders get used to using the rear brakes more because its easier to use, even though its dangerous in sudden braking situations, it could result in locking up the rear tires which will lead to a loss of traction. Its important to get used to using both front and rear brakes for better and safer braking.

4. Not staying in your designated lane
The local Government has already designated motorcycle lanes on EDSA and other major roads in the city. These designated lanes were chosen with the safety and convenience of the the riders and other vehicles, swerving from lane to lane only increases your chances of getting into accident which might be fatal.

5. Forgetting to check your bike
Its easy to forget to regularly check up if your bike is still road worthy or in need of some repairs. Always remember to check the essentials: Wheels, Tires, Controls, Electricals, Lights, chassis, side stand and the fluids. On the road its always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

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    Is pertua shot oil and metal treatment is the same as pertua oil and metal treatment, is it for 4stroke motorcycle only or can be use also in 2stroke motorcycle?

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