Important things to consider in your choice of motor oil for your bike
Posted on October 02, 2017 17:14:09 PM

Important things to consider in your choice of motor oil for your bike


Changes oil is coming

There are some riders who don’t know much about how to take care of their ride yet drive their bikes every day. That’s understandable because for many of them it’s the first vehicle they have ever owned and so they end up relying on repair shops for periodic maintenance and fixes. The big question is how do they know they are getting the best choice of motor oil, products and services without spending unnecessarily?

One such dilemma is choosing the engine oil for his motorcycle. Given that the oil is the bike’s lifeblood, what should it do? The best choice of motor oils should provide adequate protection from the stress of high-revs and extreme temperature that typical bike engines are designed for. Unlike cars that used about 4 liters of engine oil, a vast majority of bikes only have 800 ml or 1 liter of oil to lubricate parts, clean combustion by-products and help cool engines that rely on ambient air to dissipate heat. It should also provide good friction reduction yet control slippage in wet clutch systems of most bikes on the road today

The first step is to refer to the bike’s manual – in there they will find the specified viscosity and performance ratings that the manufacturers recommend.  Armed with that information, what else do they have to consider once they are in the shop? While mineral based oils are generally suitable for basic protection, synthetic based oils have better lubricity and temperature stability which ensures a more efficient and longer lasting engine. In some cases, synthetic oils also increase power, save fuel and lasts longer.

The American Petron Institute (API), International Lubricant Standardization, and Approval Committee (ILSAC), and Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) are organizations that set the standards for oil manufacturers to meet the various engine requirements and needs. Most bikes in the country are Japanese in origin and should take JASO as the most important rating to consider.  Simply put an MA rating is good for most bikes but MA2 is best for wet clutch systems because it assures the rider that efficient gear operation is built into the formulation.

The bottom line? Oils are not created equal and formulations matter.  Second, people will never go wrong by following the manufacturer’s oil recommendations.

What oil are you using? Would you consider switching oil brands? Let us know. Please post your comments below.


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Comments (10)

  1. vicdel john dela torre


    i am getting confuse of what oil to be use, motul recommends crdi plus 5w -40 while liqui moly will do so, another confusing is the pertua oil that many good confessions are posted. i am using hyundai accent 2013 HB a/t. 1.6 crdi engine with turbo, my driving habit is much rough than ussual at times, “i’ve got heavy foot”, and i travel a lot out of town, kindly please help me to figure what oil is suit for my ride and driving habit.

    thank you very much
    im looking forward for your reply, more power and god bless… safe driving

    • pertua admin


      You can use Pertua oil and metal treatment.

      One Can is to four liter of any engine oil brand or 8% treatment rate

  2. DoodLe


    What pertua product should i use in my motorcycle? Its a wet clutch type of motorcycle. TIA in advance.

  3. Darwin


    Is it ok just to put 800ml to motorcycle? Or 1Liter is much better?

  4. Ramel


    Hi, is your POWERTEC 4T MOTORCYCLE OIL good for 4 stroke scooter like honda beat Fi? Looking forwards for your reply. thanks

  5. Winjun Orcullo


    Based on this information, okay lang pala ang Pertua Shot sa wet-type clutch. Right admin? Thanks.

    • Pertua Admin001


      Yes sir but if you use Pertua Powertec no need to add Pertua Shot.

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