Posted on June 06, 2020 14:14:30 PM

Riding your motorcycle through flash flood

Water can cause extensive damage to both riders and motorcycles. While it’s safest to sit out a ride in pouring rain and flooded roads, there’s no escaping it at times, especially around flood-prone areas. Here are our tips for riding through flash floods.

1. Stop and Inspect – Watch another vehicle push through the water and make a note of how deep it is. If the water’s too deep or current too strong, forget it. Just wait for it to subside. Also observe potholes on the road and drive where most vehicles are driving. The highest part on a road is normally the middle and this will have the least water.

2. Stay Calm – There’s no room for panic in this situation, it is fundamental; you need to keep your cool no matter what to have a clear mind and be ready with what you should do. 

3. Go Slow and straight – Stay upright, smooth, and steady, keep your speed as low as possible to avoid splashing flood water to keep the water below the height of the engine’s air intake. Remember, you’re riding a motorcycle, not a jet ski.

4. Do not stop in the middle – Keep moving and maintain a steady throttle and speed in the gear you are in, roll off the throttle smoothly if you need to slow down more and stay off the brakes.

5. Safe Exit – Don’t squeeze the throttle open without first giving time for the water or debris to drain and fall off. Also, with the bike still moving, apply the brakes lightly to clean them and dry them. Of course, if the going just gets too harsh for you, just pull over, stop and wait for better conditions.

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