6 Things car owners should regularly check and do
Posted on October 18, 2018 11:26:26 AM

6 Things car owners should regularly check and do


Buying a personal vehicle is considered to be one of the biggest investments an individual will make, and to some degree it Is also a proud moment for a person to buy their first car as they feel they’ve reached a certain level of success by hitting that milestone. Take note though, like everything mechanical the owner must keep a watchful eye on the condition of the various parts that make up their vehicle. Even if modern cars are built like appliances with a “Plug and Play” type of application, to further ensure that your vehicle stays in tip-top condition here are a few tips to consider doing regularly:

1. Stick to the 5,000-10,000kms maintenance period

The schedule can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle as not all of them are built with the same engines, and other various parts. This maintenance period is vital to your cars maintenance as it checks if the Oil, Brakes and other mechanical parts and fluids are in need of replacement. Remember, the longer you hold out on these maintenance schedules, the maintenance costs may go up due to damages that may occur through faulty and worn out parts and fluids.

2. Inspect your fluids weekly

The following are the fluids that ensure that your vehicle runs effectively: Engine coolant, water reservoir, brake fluid, oil, power steering, transmission fluid, and windshield washer. Although none of these things should have a significant drop in fluid level every week, its better to make sure your vehicle isn’t leaking. One tip you could do is to check the ground under your car after parking in a spot to see if there is an excessive fluid leak. Take note that a few drops of water from your Air conditioning system is normal.

3. Keep an eye on your tire rotation, alignment/balance and Pressures

Ideally you should have your tires rotated every 6 months, to keep an even tire thread. Once you have it done, a proper realignment and balance should follow. Another important tip is don’t forget to check your tire pressures weekly, as low pressures can affect your vehicles fuel mileage and tire longevity negatively. Your vehicles recommended tire pressure is indicated on the driver’s door panel. Manufacturers place recommendations based on your passenger loads.

4. Have your battery checked

This varies depending on your vehicles usage and generally a battery should last about 1-2 years before needing replacement. Tell tale signs that a battery may need replacement is hesitation during startups, just to be sure you can bring your car to a battery shop and have them check it.

5. Don’t forget your timing belt/chain

One of the most critical parts of your vehicles engine that you would never want to ignore, because if this breaks the engine will seize and it will mean an immediate overhaul. Recommended schedule for replacement is about 60,000-70,000kms.

6. Use Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment

Another thing you can do to keep your vehicle at tip-top condition is to use Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment for your vehicle, formulated to with Durasyn technology that give your engine improved acceleration, reduced emissions, better fuel economy and a longer engine life.

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