5 Tips on how to “Break-in” your vehicle properly
Posted on March 29, 2019 15:56:02 PM

5 Tips on how to “Break-in” your vehicle properly

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Some say that modern cars are no longer in need of going through the “Break-in” period. This is due to the fact that; manufacturers already have systems in place during the manufacturing process that eliminate the need to do so. Though there are some that still argue the need for a proper “Break-in” period just to be safe, in case you’re on of those people here are some tips for you to properly “Break-in” your brand new vehicle.

1. Ask your manufacturer

Before you even consider putting your car through the “Break-in” period ask your manufacturer first if this is necessary to do in the first place.

2. Avoid driving at extreme speed

Keep the revs under the 3,000 rpm, don’t floor the accelerator pedal and keep the engine speed around 30 mph to 50 mph in 5 minute intervals.

3. Don’t overload your vehicle

The whole point of breaking in your vehicle properly is to ensure that you don’t overstress the engine. Overloading your vehicle will strain your engine as it has to deal with pulling all the extra weight.

4. Take a long drive

Doing this allows you to observe if the engine and other various components are working properly during long periods of sustained speed.

5. Change your oil

Having an oil change is a way to get the metal fillings or dust out of the vehicles engine. Car owners are usually advised to have their first oil change after the first 1000 kms, and then after the break-in period ends.

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