5 things to do to your motorcycle during quarantine
Posted on April 20, 2020 13:48:47 PM

5 Things to do to your motorcycle during quarantine




It has been a month of extensive community quarantine.  If you haven’t been riding since, here are few things to do to make sure your ride is in tip top shape.

  • Start with a thorough wash. A detergent and water should lift and remove dirt and grease easily. Built-up gunk is a prime source of rust and damage to rubber and plastic components.
  • Lubrication is key to keep things protected and prevent malfunctions. Check your mileage and change your engine oil if due. Also oil and grease vital parts like chains, sprockets, bearings and suspension components. 
  • Check your brakes and bleed and adjust the play of calipers and pads. 
  • Tighten bolts and screws to keep everything vibration and noise free. Remember, noise is a precursor to damage. 
  • Lastly, check your tires. Aside from proper inflation, check tread wear and inspect the tire walls for any cracks or bulges which could lead to blow outs.

Start your bike every few days to prime your batteries and circulate the engine oil and keep internal engine parts conditioned. Just let your bike idle for a few minutes until the engine reaches optimal operating temperature.

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  1. Rao


    Hindi po ba msama gamitin ang Perta engineil treatment sa motor in particular dahil s clutch plates?

    • Pertua Admin001


      Hi Rao
      Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment if for engine oil only you can mix it to your oil.
      32ml in every 800ml of your oil and 40ml for every 1L of your oil.

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