5 most commonly violated traffic rules
Posted on November 29, 2018 16:02:51 PM


5 most commonly violated traffic rules

traffic violation


One of the most important things motorists are taught while applying for a license, are the numerous traffic violations they should avoid committing. This is easier said than done though as driving in the Metro requires a lot of attention and nerve often leading to motorists accidentally ignoring traffic rules and regulations that lead to fines, penalties or even suspension of licenses. Here are the 5 most committed traffic violations that you should and avoid doing at all costs:

1. Obstruction

This violation refers to “The act of blocking the free passage of other motor vehicles on highways whilst unloading freights and taking or discharging passengers.” This also includes when a vehicle is driven in a way that obstructs or impedes the path of other vehicles.

2. Disregarding Traffic Signs

This is probably the most commonly committed violation, as stated in the opening paragraph driving in the city requires a lot of attention due to factors such as recklessly driven vehicles, unruly pedestrians, and poor road conditions that distract motorists from seeing and following these traffic signs.

3. Number Coding

This violation is now known as the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), that aims to lessen traffic congestion especially during rush hours. This scheme prohibits the use of major public roads by motor vehicles based on the last digit of their plate number. Some cities provide lee-way or window hours where affected vehicles have a small amount of time to travel across the city without being apprehended.

4. Illegal Parking

MMDA Resolution 02-33, states that “An illegally parked vehicle means those that are parked in zones restricted by city ordinances or existing law for parking purposes”, including also those areas designated by government authorities as “NO PARKING” zones or areas. Meaning, parking in front of any private driveway, within 5 meters from an intersection, within 4 meters from the entrance of a driveway, or parking within 4 meters from any fire hydrant, or parking in any place where there is a sign of prohibition, fall within the violation of illegal parking.

5. Yellow Lane Violation

This pertains to privately owned motor vehicles using the designated “Yellow lane” or Bus lane on EDSA. This lane occupies 2 lanes for both provincial and city buses to load and unload their passengers. Private vehicles are only allowed to traverse on the “Yellow lane” 100 Meters before their intended exit.With an increasingly high volume of vehicles travelling on the city roads, heavy traffic is always expected. Thus, motorists tend to lose their patience while on the road and try to “shortcut” their driving methods, which more often than not lead to them violating multiple traffic rules that not only taints your driving records but hurt your pockets as well. In an already stressful driving environment, its always best to keep a cool head and to follow the rules.

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