5 common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them
Posted on August 11, 2020 15:28:31 PM

5 common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them

Freedom on the open road, social gatherings, helping mother nature, fun and excitement…these are just a few of the reasons people enjoy riding motorcycles and make it their hobby. Riding can be an extremely fun way to get from point A to point B but it can also be dangerous. Here are 5 common types of motorcycle accidents to watch out for and how to avoid them.

Speeding – Although motorcycles are designed to be fast and easy to control, taking corners too fast is a common error for riders, and can be deadly. Sharp turns or sand on the road can cause you to lose total control of your motorcycle.

How to avoid accident: If there is a turn coming up, ride slow and steady, and remain on the brakes. After you hit the turn, let go of the brakes and begin to accelerate. Also remain cautious of any debris or other dangers on the road.

Wet Slippery Road – Rainy seasons can only mean one thing — slippery roads. In wet conditions, manhole covers become extra slippery, spills  of oil and fuel on the road make it slick and rain water and floods decrease road hazards visibility as well.

How to avoid accident: Make sure your bike has good tires, slow down, and be as smooth as you can on the controls. Look for patches of rainbows and avoid those. Keeping revs low will avoid rear wheel slips and allows you to regain traction much easier than if you’re riding at 30mph in 6th, at wide-open throttle.

Visibility – Riding in a vehicle’s blind spot. This lack of vision can occur when overtaking, and you momentarily disappear from the wing mirror but haven’t yet cleared the car.

How to avoid accident: Try to spend a minimal amount of time in other drivers’ blind spots. As a general rule of riding a motorcycle, always try to anticipate any situations that could become dangerous. Keep an eye out for signs of lane changing, such as wheels beginning to turn or the driver checking his/her blind spot.

Locking the front brake – Most of the bike’s stopping power comes from the front brake, so using the rear brake more will result in a longer stopping distance. But relying on the front brake could result in over braking. If the front brake locks up, it could lead to weight shifting on the bike enough to lift the back wheel and throw you over the handlebars.

How to avoid accident: Make sure you spend time getting to know your bike. Find an empty parking lot to practice if you need to. Test the sensitivity of both brakes, and learn how to use them smoothly. This way, you will instinctively be able to react to sudden braking safely.

Drinking and Riding – One of the largest studies on motorcycle accident causes showed that alcohol is a factor in most bike wrecks. Not only do motorcycles require more balance and coordination than cars, but a minor lapse in judgment while riding could send you flying off the bike and getting severely injured, or worse.

How to avoid accident: Become a better rider and do not drink and ride!

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