4 Tips on how to safely park your vehicle
Posted on August 29, 2018 17:33:47 PM

4 Tips on how to safely park your vehicle

Car Parking


safely park your vehicle

Parking is considered to be one of the most overlooked things motorists have to do, it may seem as simple as just finding a spot and sticking your car into it, but there’s more to it than that.

Here are some tips on how to safely park your vehicle:

1. Find a slot big enough to keep you from being “dinged” by other cars

In a cramped city like manila, establishments tend to use every single millimeter of space as parking. As a result, most parking slots in these establishments are cramped and leave your vehicle vulnerable to “Panel to Panel” contact. Try to find the widest spot possible, don’t force yourself to park there just because its near the entrance, also don’t forget to fold up your side mirrors if possible.

2. Try to park in “single space” slots

When looking for parking, always try to look for single space slots. These are the slots that are either in between pillars, or right next to a wall. This will keep yours in its own space, free from the possibility of being bumped into by other motorists trying to get into the slot next to you.

3. Take Parallel parking seriously

Parallel parking in itself is one of the trickiest ways to park, from judging if the space between both cars is sufficient, to making sure you’ve just applied the right amount of opposite steering to get the angle right, and finally making sure you don’t hit both the cars in front and behind. Always make sure that the spot you’re trying to get into has
enough space for you to be able to open the trunk, for both cars in front and behind to be able to maneuver themselves out of their spots without risk of bumping your vehicle. Also don’t forget to park as close to the curb as possible and folding your side mirrors, to avoid unnecessary bumps and scratches from vehicles or people passing by.

4. When Parking outdoors check what’s overhead

Broken windshield due to coconuts or lose branches? Dirtied and scratched up paint due to fruit droppings and leaves? These are the common things that happen to those who fail to look up before they park at a spot. Although these things may seem small or random, they do happen often and you wouldn’t want to come back to your car to find out a coconut or a branch has cracked your windshield, because you’d have nobody to blame but yourself. Try to avoid parking under tree’s that bear any fruit that may fall on your vehicle, or under any sort of lose debris. Always remember out there, its better to be safe rather than sorry. Parking your vehicle should mean more to you as a motorist, because you’re leaving it to the mercy of the surroundings you parked it in. There’s nothing worse than coming out to your vehicle and noticing new damages and nobody to take responsibility. Follow these tips to protect your vehicle as much as possible.

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safely park your vehicle
safely park your vehicle
safely park your vehicle
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