4 signs your engine oil is in need of replacement
Posted on April 30, 2019 16:36:17 PM

4 signs your engine oil is in need of replacement

Change oil

Having your oil changed is part your vehicle’s maintenance to do list. Engine oil has 3 main functions: it cleans, lubricates, and cools your engine’s components, preventing damage that  occurs over time. However, its beneficial properties do not last forever, and so an oil change is necessary to ensure it’s clean, at the prescribed level, and matches the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity. Needless to say engine oil is responsible for keeping your vehicle operating at peak conditions and increasing its longevity.


Here are some signs that indicate when its time to change your vehicles oil.

1. Smell and Burn oil

If you can smell burnt oil, that’s an alarming sign, as this indicates your engine is overheating and oil is burning into the exhaust system. This symptom is often accompanied by blueish white or gray smoke being expelled out of your exhaust pipes. Ignoring these symptoms can cause serious damage to your car, and possibly even spark an engine fire.

2. Black and Muddy Oil

Clean engine oil has a brownish, or golden color. Over time, as you use your vehicle more often it gets darker as it collects dirt from your vehicles engine combustion process. If it’s thick and dark, it’s time to schedule that oil change.

3. Check Engine light is on

This is usually found on your vehicles dashboard, if the check engine light is on it means there is something wrong with the way your engine is operating. While this could caused by a lot of things, its always best to have it checked as old oil could be the main cause of the problem. Ignoring the check engine light could mean complete engine failure, its best to deal with it as soon as possible.

4.Increased fuel consumption

If your observe that your vehicle is consuming more fuel than usual, that can mean your oil is in a suboptimal state and in need of a much-needed replacement. Oil thickens with use, which puts more stress on the engine. When the engine works harder, you use up more fuel.


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